Sunday, January 19, 2020

In Pursuit of a Home

I've decided to revive my blog, The Delicious Accordion, in hopes of securing a regular solo gig at a local restaurant or cafe. Or perhaps a patchwork of gigs.

Since my last entries here, The Professor and Madwoman's Breakfast Cabaret has flourished, The Happy Lucky Combo continues to play concerts and breweries, the Wandering Cabaret has hit the road, I've performed with the Virginia Opera and I've done my fair share of busking and solo gigs. I continue to write songs and develop both the Cowgirl Suite and the First Woman on Mars Suite.

But I miss my days playing regularly at a local restaurant. There is a special timeless ambiance I believe only an accordion can provide to a room. I get to share my love for classic accordion tunes as well as play new material. If the opportunity presents itself I can play requests or share the history of a song.

So I'll be visiting local restaurants and cafes making proposals. If anyone has a lead or and idea let me know. I'll be using this blog to promote the solo gig(s) I get and to connect with lovers of accordion music. And if the establishment(s) are amenable I will welcome guest accordion players.

I've put together a video montage below.

Friday, January 17, 2020


                    photos Kai Eason, Mychel Spivey, and Bill Eldridge

Sunset Cabaret

photo: Tricia McDaniel and Dave Parrish

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Fabulous Happy Lucky Four @ Stone Brewing Co.

                                             photos: Tricia McDaniel