Saturday, January 19, 2013

Papa's Spaghetti Dinner

I had a great time providing the soundtrack for Papa's Spaghetti Dinner @ Unity. A truly fun group of people. Kind of like holy rollers except they roll on the floor with laughter. That's one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit isn't it?

Next year we sing "Funiculi Funicula!"

Although not a picture from the dinner the image below expresses the spirit of the event.


Poster Isaac regelson

I took the photo above at last years folk festival here in Richmond.

My wife Jennifer and I dancing a Tango on our wedding night.
Photo Charles Sugg

Drums No Guns

Khalima and I performed with Ram Bhagats group Drums No Guns. It "clicked" and we hope to continue working with them. In the spirit of this blog I'd like to get a gig at a restaurant, and have a celebratory time while helping Ram spread the message of non-violence.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Raqs Luminaire "The Return of Pandoras Box"

photo David Lee

video Otway Chalkley


This is the year I will finally make the Agourdian.

Wandering Cabaret

I have purchased a trailer and will be building a stage on it. The stage will unfold on sight and have lighting and amplification.

It will be small enough to park in a parking space and perform to pedestrians on the sidewalk. And perfect for larger venues like festivals. It will be self contained and powered without a noisy generator.

The best thing is to be able to have a 3D canvas to design shows in. It's limitations will inspire creativity.

May I Serenade You?

I'm back home at the Phoenician this Saturday.
May I serenade you?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Again

In the poster above you will see a framed picture with a candle. This is a shrine to Naji, the owner's, sister. It is central to the gracious spirit of this place.

Stephen Williams and Khalima joined me this evening for a delightful mini-cabaret.
Maybe it's my age, but I'm really enjoying playing tender music in intimate settings.

And perhaps because of the context, Naji, a gourmand, complimented Khalimas dancing by comparing it to "butter".

 photos Kari Lee LaVecchia